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A major international airport installed our monitoring solution over 14 washrooms, giving a payback period of less than 1 year.

One of the terminals of this major international airport needed water monitoring which was a key part of their Smart Washroom initiative. They required real-time consumption data on every single toilet, tap, urinal and shower, and needed this data in their own dashboard so that cleaners and maintenance personnel were able to access it easily.

The installation of our water monitoring solution over 14 washrooms resulted in a payback period of less than 1 year. They had over 400 taps, toilets, urinals and showers monitored individually by our kit.

As well as the initial cost savings covering the investment cost, they continue to reap the rewards year-on-year. The granular data feeds into their maintenance and cleaning regimes which drives efficiency and results in a lucrative return on investment for the airport.


The monitoring solution facilitated the saving of water consumption and bills of 26% in just 6 months.

This also resulted in a saving of 1.7 Tonnes CO2 per month, a considerable carbon footprint reduction.

The monitoring solution provides multiple benefits such as improved efficiency in maintenance and cleaning, reduced water usage and costs, enhanced customer experience, and heatmap data which can be used to design better washrooms of the future.


Effective management and reduction starts with continuous monitoring. The data allows massive efficiency improvements to be made when you have the right partner.

Make the change now and start reaping the rewards like this airport did. Continuous monitoring, coupled with automated alerts, is by far the best way to increase efficiency and decrease bills.

Have you got an effective monitoring solution in place?