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The manager of a major distribution warehouse in the UK was concerned about leaks within the premise, and their unusually high water bill.

Our Investigation

Quensus installed a FlowReporter device, and the manager was immediately impressed with the realtime and alerting capabilities.

Within weeks of installation, anomalous consumption of 6,000 litres per day was identified, costing the company £5,300 per year in excess water bills.

A faulty toilet cistern was identified as the cause, and was fixed several days later; using the graphing capabilities of FlowReporter, we can see the exact time this was fixed thanks to the high resolution data that is collected by the device.

A graph depicting the exact moment that a faulty toilet cistern was fixed, as identified by the sudden reduction in waste water.

Just one month later, the manager was alerted again to a possible problem; the average flow rate of the newly identified leak was 4,800 litres per day, which equated to an unbudgeted cost of roughly £4,200 per year!


The use of FlowReporter saved the warehouse a total of £9,500 (and 3.1 tonnes of CO2) per year.


Leaks need to be monitored for continously, however with the use of FlowReporter and it’s automated alert capabilities the hard work is handled by the device, rather than the user.