The Problem

The manager at this warehouse was worried about leaks and water consumption, and was searching for a solution.

How did we help?

Using FlowReporter, the manager was impressed with the realtime capabilities and alerts were set up automatically.

What did we find?

An alert some weeks later showed anomalous consumption of 6,000 litres per day, wasting £5,300 per year in water bills!

What was the result?

A faulty toilet cistern was the cause, and was fixed a few days later. We can see the exact time this was fixed in the graph showing the consumption on 24th July, proving the plumber had done his job!

So if the problem had been revealed, is there still reason to keep monitoring?

Most definitely.

A month later, the manager was alerted again. The average flow rate of this new leak was 4,800 litres per day, which equated to an unbudgeted cost of roughly £4,200 per year!


Continuous monitoring, coupled with automated alerts, is by far the best way to spot problems, minimise waste and keep bills low.

A total of £9,500 (and also 3.1 tonnes of CO2) per year was saved at this warehouse – so far…

Next steps

Do you know how much water you’re wasting?

Like this customer, it is likely you could save £000’s on your bills.

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