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UK Secondary School

UK Secondary School

A UK Secondary School approached Quensus as they had received a higher than expected water bill, and were looking for ways to find the source of this problem.

Our Investigation

By installing our LeakNet solution, we were able to monitor water usage in different parts of the building, and compile this data into a single report which showed whether what the school was being charged was accurate based on their actual usage.

Within hours of installing the LeakNet device, we identified 3,600 litres of unexpected water usage when the site was unoccupied; the school was notified within the same day of installation and was immediately able to locate the branch which the excessive water usage was stemming from.

Just two months later, LeakNet was able to capture, in real-time, the failure of two valves which was resulting in approximately 9,000 litres of wastage per day — LeakNet automatically sent alerts to the school and its facilities team.

A graph depicting the consumption of water between April and May, showing unexpected water consumption during the night, reducing to normal levels after cistern valves were fixed.
A Graph Depicting the Consumption of Water Between April and May


From the moment LeakNet was installed, Quensus was able to cut their water bill in half, saving £3,000 per year.

Through the continued use of our LeakNet device, we were able to further save £8,000 per year by detecting subsequent valve failures within the system, which may otherwise have gone unnoticed.


Continuous monitoring, coupled with automated alerts, is by far the best way to spot problems, minimise waste and keep bills low.