The Problem

The school encountered an unusually high water bill and was searching for ways to reduce it.

How did we help?

Using LeakNet, they could see their monthly consumption rate, including contribution from different areas of the site, which allowed them to check if they were being charged the correct amount in their bills.

What did we find?

Just hours after the installation, the school found that they were wasting 3,600 litres of water per day when the site was closed. The school was alerted automatically, on the same day of installation, and could see which branch the leak was coming from. Two months later, another set of valves failed. LeakNet caught the anomaly, which was wasting over 9,000 litres per day, and sent the appropriate alerts.

What was the result?

Right after the installation, the school more than halved their water bill, saving £3,000 per year.

Two months later, another fault occurred and we saved them a further £8,000 per year.


Continuous monitoring, coupled with automated alerts, is by far the best way to spot problems, minimise waste and keep bills low.

The school saved a total of £11,000 per year.

Next steps

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