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Football Stadium

Football Stadium

A UK Football Stadium contacted Quensus after being told by their water supplier that, during a routine revenue meter reading, they suspected there to be a massive leak within the grounds of the stadium.

The facilities manager was unsure where this leak was occurring, or where to start in identifying the problem and therefore contacted us.

Our Investigation

By installing our LeakNet solution within the grounds, we were able to identify water usage within different, compartmentalised sections of the stadium.

Within 24 hours of installation, Quensus had already built a picture of the stadiums water usage and had identified both small scale leaks within faulty urinals, as well as wastage of 21,000 litres per day from water tanks located in the stadium’s loft.

A graph depicting water consumption over a 24 hour period, with underlying and continuous consumption even when the building was vacant.
A Graph Depicting the Consumption of Water in a 24 Hour Period

Further investigations carried out with the use of the LeakNet solution showed an additional discrepancy in the reporting of the external revenue meter and the water consumption within the stadium; this investigation ultimately led to the identification of a leaking supply pipe.


Maintenance to the water tanks resulted in the replacement of faulty ballcocks which led to a saving of £12,000 per year, a payback period for the LeakNet solution of less than two months.

The replacement of the supply pipe saved the stadium a further £82,000 per year and, with the help of data gathered through LeakNet, the stadium was able to negotiate a 12 month rebate of £57,000 from their water supplier.

A graph depicting a decrease in external water consumption from approximately 8,000 litres to 1,500 litres after a fix was applied.
A Graph Depicting the Decrease in Water Consumption Post-Fix
A graph depicting the average volume of water consumed per month decreasing rapidly from approximately 100 m3/day to 30 m3/day post-fix.
A Graph Depicting a Significant Average Consumption Decrease Post-Fix

Take away

Leaks can be both minor, such as from the urinals, or major, such as from the supply pipe.

If you receive an unusually high bill from your water supplier, the use of a LeakNet solution can help to identify potential leaks within your site.