The Problem

One of the trade branches for Travis Perkins had above average water bills and the branch manager was searching for ways to reduce it.

How did we help?

Using LeakNet, they could see their monthly consumption rate which allowed them to check if they were being charged the correct amount in their bills.

What did we find?

The branch manager was able to prove to head office and the water company that the meter being read was not their own, and had a credit for the overcharged bills.

What was the result?

One year after installation, a leak alert was raised, identifying abnormal usage of 8 litres per minute ongoing for 40 minutes. This was wasted water pouring down the pan at a rate of just over £10,000 per year!

The manager was alerted automatically and, using the information given, was able to quickly find that the flush in a toilet cistern was broken. After fixing, he was able to prove the matter successfully resolved using the realtime graph in FlowReporter.



Continuous monitoring, coupled with automated alerts, is by far the best way to spot problems, minimise waste and keep bills low.

Travis Perkins could have potentially been wasting £10,000 per year without our system.

Branch manager
£1,000s could have been washing down the drain without anyone realising. LeakNet catches these incidents and has also helped correct our bill in the past, giving me peace of mind that my branch is as water efficient as possible.
Travis Perkins Branch Manager, Dan Offord

Next steps

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