The last two decades has seen a revolutionary upgrade in the world’s water management and conservation resources. It’s known as Smart Water Metering (SWM) and we explore why it’s here to stay.

SWM leaves AMR out to dry

Smart Metering is able to offer far more detailed and meaningful data than Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) because AMR suffers from providing only consumption totals, as opposed to interval data AND it misses out on the two way communications of SWM.

It makes leak detection a priority

It was only by stumbling on a soaring water bill or a wet patch in the living room that customers would once be prompted to investigate leaks but SMW systems have made it possible to monitor your property’s water flow in real time so you can immediately determine how much those garden sprinklers cost while they’re on/

Automatic Alerts are a key feature!

With some Smart Metering, you can get email or text alerts triggered by water consumption levels which are set based on your previous usage and which constantly learn if your routine changes.  The systems can also be configured to alert you when falling out of compliance with local water regulations or for urgent service interruption.

They’ll even send the workforce

Once a problem is detected, SWM has the ability to work in tandem with  software and by extension, mobile workforce dispatching systems, so they’ll automatically send a maintenance crew to repair your broken pipes!


As water resources continue to be affected by changes in climate and population, more organisations will be turning to SWM systems to help themselves and the public better manage water consumption, reduce bills, identify waste, and respond flexibly and efficiently to their water needs.


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