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LeakNet Device

How does the system detect leaks?

Machine learning is used by our software to profile the site using normal consumption patterns in a typical weekday or weekend. The learning algorithm recognises events using time and volume of water within certain time periods in a day. This apparent simplicity brings the optimum balance of sophistication and ease of use.
The user can run the learning algorithm whenever they feel it is required – after installation, when a new phase is due on site, or after a fault is fixed. The ability to view and manually override these thresholds within the software means that users stay in control and can easily understand why any alerts have occurred. The user can always override alarms on-the-fly so the water does not shut off during critical works.

What is required for installation?

There are 3 stages: plumbing, electrics, and internet connection.
1. Plumbing: if you want to shut the water off automatically, a motorised valve and flow meter will be installed inline with the mains stopcock.
2. Electrics: the system runs off 12v DC, so an existing 240v mains socket or 110v site supply may be used. Supply can be located up to 10m away.
3. Internet: normally via WiFi, but to create a self-contained network, cellular GSM/3G/4G can also be used with a cellular gateway. Quensus will provide any network equipment and commission all units.

Is there a maximum size valve/meter?

We can go to sizes up to 5″ (flanged) systems.

The smaller flow sensors we use have much higher resolution and are much better for leak detecting applications. The main reason is that a low pulse frequency output (10 litres per pulse) will decrease the leak detection speed significantly because you have to wait for that amount of liquid to pass before it gives any pulse. A string of several pulses are needed to correctly identify a leak. Our ¾” and 1” flow sensors give a pulse every 2ml and 8ml which allows real-time visualisation and massively enhances the speed to spot anomalies.

The second reason is that your 2”-5” pipe will likely supply a large area, where users might be consuming water constantly, with less predictable patterns. This makes projecting the water usage difficult, and therefore the ability to spot leaks. If a leak is spotted, it may also be more difficult to track, HOWEVER at least you will know how much wasted water is leaking and its profile so finding it will be easier than traditional methods.

The optimum solution is to submeter. We would always recommend submetering as much as possible to isolate all areas at risk. A combination of both mains metering and submetering is particularly powerful in detecting leaks, as the sum of all the submeters should equal the mains meter. FlowReporter has functionality for entering and comparing billing meter information so even without automatic readings, you can get an overview of your site’s overall performance.

How many users can be alerted?

An unlimited number of contacts can be alerted by email and/or SMS text message.

Where does your information come from?

This guidance is relevant to buildings undergoing construction and refurbishment during pre-construction and construction phases, most important commercial and multi-tenure residential developments.

The information is based on Best Practice Guidance: Managing Escape of Water Risk on Construction Sites, published by the Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group 5th Edition November 2019. It is endorsed by all CIREG and UK CAR Underwriter member companies and represents industry best practices in the avoidance of escape of water losses.

Statistics have come from the Association of British Insurers and an empirical analysis on “smart shut-off valves as an effective water loss prevention tool for construction sites” provided by Munich RE.

FlowReporter App

How do I install it?

From the browser on your phone, go to

Then in your browser options/settings, there should be the option to “Add to home screen”. The method changes slightly depending on the apple or android version.

Clicking this will then add the app to your phone, in essence, it is more of a bookmark since the app is all web-based.

This means that the software can be used from a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, without installing anything.

Where is the best place to find help on how to use? is the best place to find help. The software is constantly being updated with new and better features so static documentation (like this) may be out of date.

What details do I need to provide in order to use FlowReporter?

You will only need to provide your email, in order to log in and receive any alerts from FlowReporter. You may also add your mobile number in order to receive text message (SMS) alerts. You will receive an email once you register with a link that must be clicked before you can login.

Please check your spam folder in your email.

I cannot login!

If you are getting the error “The username or email does not exist”, please check that you are using an account which has been registered and the link in the registration email has been clicked.

If you are getting the error “The password is not correct”, please try the forgot password button to reset your password. It may be useful to choose something simple and memorable. Remember that passwords are also case-sensitive!

Unfortunately, passwords are encrypted so the only person who can access or change it is the account owner.

What is my password?

We do not have access to passwords. You would have set this up on registration. If you have forgotten, please use the forgot password link which will send you an email to reset your password.

How does FlowReporter know when to send alerts or turn the water off?

You can set customisable thresholds for time and volume of water expected, at any time within the online app. If FlowReporter finds your water consumption has exceeded any of the threshold levels, you will get a warning. If the consumption persists without intervention, then a second threshold exists which will automatically turn the valve off. You can adjust the thresholds as often as you’d like until they suit your individual needs.

The dynamic learning mode can be used after just one week of normal usage, which will set much more detailed thresholds suited to your unique consumption profile.

How do I get alerts?

When you register for an account, you will supply an email and (optionally) a phone number. Once your email is confirmed, you will receive alerts via email by default. Once your phone number is confirmed, in user settings, you have the option to receive alerts by SMS too (or instead).

Am I able to prevent FlowReporter from automatically shutting off the water supply?

FlowReporter will alert you twice after a large amount of water has been used, either via email or text.

In the first alert, you are able to respond and confirm normal usage to prevent the water supply from being shut off for that event. If you do not respond, the second alert (sometime later) will notify you that the water supply has been turned off to prevent water damage.

Use your online dashboard at, click your device, then click settings.

How do I set alerts for special events?

A holiday alarm should be set when the water use will be abnormal for a period of time, for example if you are away on holiday (lower than normal water consumption), or if you know you’ll be filling up a swimming pool on a certain day (higher than normal water consumption).

The holiday alarms will override any others set, and only be active within a chosen time range.

To set a holiday alarm:

1. Click the “Holiday Mode” button in the alarms section of the settings page of your device. This takes you to the “Holiday Alarms” page.

2. In the “Create New Alarm” section, set the “Start Time“, “From” date, “To” date, “End Time“, Alert and Shut off values.

3. Click “save“.

You will now see the newly created alarm details in the displayed table. Up to 15 holidays can be stacked up, which will be stored in the device’s memory offline too.

At any point, you can adjust the values more precisely – just click “edit”.

Alarms can be deleted by checking the box next to each alarm and then clicking the “Delete” button.

To Open or Close a valve from FlowReporter:

1. Click on the selected device from your dashboard or click the link directly from the alert.

2. At the bottom of the page will show the last known status of the valve (open/closed).

3. Click on the Open/Close button to activate the valve – if the device is online, this should start within 1 second, otherwise it will wait until the device is back online.

You can also open and close the valve manually by pushing the buttons physically on the Base unit itself. Please push the relevant button in for 1 second to force the valve fully open or fully closed. Motorised valves will continue turning until they reach the end.

If there is no power, or all else fails, you can physically manipulate the valve:

• For motorised valve (metal and orange) – use the hex key underneath, insert it into the top and turn anticlockwise until the window goes from red to completely yellow.

• For solenoid valve (plastic and white) – use your hand to grab the solenoid on top and turn a quarter turn clockwise.

The FlowReporter software is accessed via an intuitive web-app which allows users to view their usage through gorgeous, realtime graphs so they’re able to engage with their water like never before. With powerful leak detection tools and automatic water shutoff features, users are empowered to take control of their water supply and mitigate water damage, as well as high bills. The price is charged annually and includes unlimited alerts and users. If the FlowReporter online service is cancelled, the device still shuts the water off and the user gets alerts but there is limited information on what caused the leak and no learning functionality.

The FlowReporter intelligent online software monitors your water consumption in real-time and identifies usage patterns, 24 hours a day 365 days a year, to protect you from damaging water leaks and increasing bills.

Without your subscription, you will still be able to shut down your water supply remotely which will help you avoid water waste or damage to your property. However, the settings will be static and will no longer learn from your ongoing, unique consumption profile. Historical data will no longer be available which can provide useful information on what caused a leak.

Premium FlowReporter gives you access to:

+ Full Dashboard Login

+ Full Consumption History

+ Unlimited Leak Alerts (SMS and email)

+ Learning Functionality

+ Automatic shut-off

+ Holiday Alarms

+ Comparison Tools

+ Real Time View

+ Event View

+ Share access with unlimited users

+ Over-The-Air updates (get the latest developments as they are rolled out, such as offline mode)

+ Priority customer service, plus we will also help get any units back online and serviced if required.

To find out more, please visit: