We are dedicated to improving our intelligent water solutions, usually updating devices and online software in the background every week with minor improvements and security patches without users ever realising.

However, we recently made some big changes – here are the headline features added as of v1.0.0 in FlowReporter:

When you don't have signal...

Offline Mode

With offline mode now included as standard across all our devices (even the ones currently installed), you are able to remain protected even when your device has lost internet connection. This might happen intermittently when the WiFi connection drops, or intentionally if a cheaper system is required without remote functionality.

See the docs for more info
LeakNet installation
group example
When you need more insight...

Grouping Functionality

The ability to group and connect devices is an exciting new feature available to Enterprise users in FlowReporter who have many devices installed on the same site. You can now easily represent your site schematic, however complex, virtually within FlowReporter.
The grouping functionality allows Enterprise users to aggregate data for many devices and apply analytics for deeper insights to leakage and consumption statistics.

See the docs for more info

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