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Genting Casino uses Smart Water Meters to Save 1.5 Million Litres of Water Annually

Genting Casino uses Smart Water Meters to Save 1.5 Million Litres of Water Annually

For businesses with large property sites, there are many concerns when it comes to the day-to-day running of buildings. From planned refurbishments and maintenance to cleaning contracts and energy use – each cost needs to be optimised and balanced against customer experience.

Many businesses have, as yet, struggled to find a way to dramatically reduce their water consumption in their property estates – despite many recognising this as a sustainability challenge.

Genting Casino’s adoption of Smart Water Meters has enabled it to understand more about its water use and how it can reduce consumption without impacting on hygiene in the washroom. Alongside immediate savings in water use in the washroom, the technology is also giving it insight on its water consumption elsewhere in the 10-storey building.

Gaining insight

Genting Casino’s site in Sheffield city-centre is a stone’s throw from the town hall. Built under a car park, the modern building includes a late-night cocktail bar, Chinese restaurant, Poker Room and Gaming floor, in a sophisticated setting making use of the spiralling car ramp as a main feature.

In terms of water, as well as the bar and kitchen, the casino hosts several high-end washroom spaces specifically designed to ensure the optimum customer experience.

Even though they were already monitoring the revenue meter and an internal meter, Genting Casino installed the LeakNet Smart Water Meter product to provide insight to help it understand water use across its Sheffield site. A specialist hygiene services provider combined this with adaptations to the washrooms, fitting new urinal controls, to prove significant water reductions which more than paid for itself over a short period of time.

A common issue for lots of businesses when it comes to trying to reduce water use is knowing where to start. As a water management specialist, Quensus develop and supply smart water meters to report high resolution usage, improve efficiency and prove return on investment.

The smart water meter on the mains supply and other branches measures a combination of time, flow and volume of water, indicating any problems with water flow and their monetary value. Immediately after installation, the real time display (which is updated every few seconds) was used to detail consumption of specific areas.

After a couple of days, the learning mode of the smart meter was able to envelope around the consumption profile, which had peaks at night. Unlike other commercial buildings, where the night-time rate should be zero, this is to be expected for a casino.

Two weeks after implementing the smart meter, some improvements were made to the urinals in six male washrooms and flushing was reduced from 96 times per day to 4 times a day.

Using the smart meter’s FlowReporter software, Genting Casino found that the urinal controls on their own were saving on average 4,113 litres of water a day – amounting to more than 1.5 million litres of water annually.

Beyond the washroom

Outside of the washroom, Genting Casino can use the data provided by the Smart Water Meter to understand more about its water use. In its Chinese restaurants hot woks are used to cook food in the evenings and flowing water is used to cool the woks quickly. Genting understood that it was likely that these would be using large amounts of water but was unaware of just how much. Similarly, ice machines in the bar use water and, to stay hygienic, any extra ice needs to be discarded at the end of the day. For both, Genting Casino can assess alternative systems on the market and adjust the water use knowing that for every change, the team can gauge ROI and impact on the business’ sustainability.

A further added benefit of the smart water meter installation is that Genting Casino can be alerted to leaks or burst pipes long before water has done any damage to the premises. The online portal can be set so that a text will be sent to the building manager at Sheffield if water use rises beyond a predetermined level. The building manager also has the ability to shut off the water system remotely to significantly reduce damage should a leak occur.

It provides peace of mind that a leak or a problem with the plumbing can be spotted even during the middle of the night – reducing the risk of significant damage to the building and huge water consumption, both of which come with a large price tag.


Genting Casino is part of Genting Group, which has put sustainability high on its corporate agenda. They aim to minimise impact on the environment and plan to achieve this by implementing robust and progressive systems that improve its operations.

They worked out that the water management system in this case cut the water bill by around £3,755 annually – far exceeding the cost of the system itself. And with a huge reduction in our water consumption they are more confident in their ability to operate more sustainably.


The total water usage was already monitored through a mains supply meter. However, there was no intelligence available on individual washrooms, taps and toilets. After installing LeakNet, a package of recommendations for water saving measures was put forward showing savings of up to £50,000 in the first year. These savings can be roughly multiplied across the entire estate.

Every business uses water. But not every business uses water efficiently. The way you monitor and manage water usage can make a big difference to your bottom line. Especially if you operate multiple washrooms over several locations.

Leaks, poorly planned water systems and faulty washroom services can all contribute to higher water bills. But until you know where the problem lies, it’s almost impossible to take action.

Our Intelligent Water Management team provides a complete service, from assessment and analysis of your water usage to in-depth recommendations on how your business can become more efficient by implementing water saving solutions. In fact, whatever your business, these solutions could reduce your water costs by up to 90%.

Reducing the amount of water you use each day means you’ll be helping to conserve a precious resource and limiting your impact on the environment.