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High Rise Retrofit Project

High Rise Retrofit Project

This large high rise project had more than 40 floors of luxury apartments, but very tight deadlines. Worried about hefty LAD (Liquidated and Ascertained Damages) penalties, the contractor knew delays from leaks was not an option.

They attempted to install something themselves, but nobody had the experience and time was quickly slipping past. They then asked their BMS (Building Management System) provider, who deftly agreed (any sensor is compatible right!?) but ended up supplying a convoluted system which ultimately failed to detect any water.

The project was over midway through and people were starting to move in on the lower floors! They needed a leak prevention system which was easy to install, automated and simply to use.

We were able to tick all boxes and specify a system bespoke to their project which was in budget. Using 350+ splash sensors installed in strategic locations wirelessly connected to the relevant valve in the basement. This was self-installed by the contractor who said“[it was] easy to install, discrete and quickly caught leaks we were unaware of”.

Splash sensor installed

There were 7 risers (4 high pressure) supplying water throughout the building. When a splash sensor detected water where it was not supposed to be, it sent an alert to the MEP manager and wirelessly sent the signal to shut the water off to that area.

The manager also set the valves to shut off out-of-hours when nobody was on site to completely mitigate any risk, but was still able to remotely open them when were staff worked overtime.


1 year after supply, 20 million litres of water had been consumed, but no escape of water and most importantly, no delays.

The added benefit of splash sensors was that leaks other than the BCWS were also caught i.e. heating loop and AHU.


By working collaboratively, we were able to specify and supply a bespoke leak prevention system, giving the client exactly what they needed for the budget, timescales and required risk reduction of the building.

Have you got an effective leak prevention solution in place?