Most people know that within their homes exists a vast network of pipes whose role is to carry the water in, make it usable, and take it away. The thing which evades them however is being able to detect the ever-dreaded LEAK.

You may only notice a few drips from the faucet or the water heater, but research shows the average home loses 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water each year because of leaks.  Some are readily apparent like those mentioned, but others will go undetected for years simply because the source isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Some of these words of water wisdom may point you rather neatly to the source of your leak, but be prepared also to go on a liquid look out.


Catch leaks immediately using LeakNet.

Because LeakNet records all water coming from the supply, and knows if it is a problem, you will get alerted as soon as the leak happens. If the leak is particularly bad, it will even shut the water off so you never have to worry about water damage ever again.

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