You may or may not know with the recent deregulation of the water industry, in which small and medium business have been permitted to switch water supplier, Ofwat (the water regulator) has implemented a number of special protections for all micro-businesses – the like of which should definitely be kept in mind when considering a switch.

Cooling off has never felt better

First of all, micro-businesses are given a seven day cooling off period when signing up for new water and waste water services. So, even if you do have a change of mind during this period, you’ll be able to cancel your contract and will receive a full refund!

Automatic roll-overs are a thing of the past

Gone are the days of being “locked in” to another unwanted contract and worrying about keeping track of your current contract’s end-date. Believe it or not, water suppliers are now no longer allowed to renew a contract for a set period when you reach the end of your current term, unless you – the micro-business – provides written consent!

Final billing arrives in a timely fashion!

Next to note: whichever supplier you may be switching from, they are required to issue the final bills to your business within no more than six weeks after the contract ends or from the date you switch providers. This of course will prevent bills for old charges appearing on your desk months down the line!

Repay with ease

Since money can be particularly tight for micro-business, your water retailers will be required to offer a reasonable payment plan. This way your company won’t be forced into a decision between financial hardship and cutting off your water services. 

Clear communication

Water suppliers are now obliged to communicate all billing information in easy-to-understand terms. They must make you aware of any specific tariffs, the type of contract and its duration, the different ways in which you can pay, and any additional charges you may be liable for should the contract be terminated prematurely.

If you’d like advice on changing water provider, or how to save money on your bills, Contact Quensus and we’d be glad to help.