Detect and prevent leaking water from anywhere in the world.

LeakNet is a comprehensive smart water system which connects water sensors and valves to the internet.
Our web interface can then give you complete, convenient monitoring and control over your water supply. Now you can monitor consumption, immediately detect leaks, and prevent water damage remotely, from anywhere.

Real time sensors and valves

Sensors and meters are used to collect data on water flow. Only 1 water meter is needed to monitor the whole supply but up to 4 can be connected to Leaknet. By connecting an electric shutoff valve, Leaknet is then capable of turning off the supply and preventing water damages.

Wireless communication

Real-time communication is used over the web via WiFi to gather data from sensors automatically and continuously. Two way communication means the flow of water can be controlled using an electric shutoff valve, either remotely by the user or automatically if a leak is detected.

Advanced data processing

Real-time data analytics are used to detect anomalies and diagnose faults. Water disaggregation techniques are used to give the user more detailed information on usage.

Dynamic web dashboards are used to allow users to monitor their water usage in real time. Email/SMS/mobile notifications allow the user to be notified when leaks occur.

Detect leaks and prevent
water damage from
anywhere in the world

Email or SMS notifications
keep you in the know

Dynamic web dashboards –
watch your water usage in
real time

Secure access from any web
connected device using
bank-level SSL encryption

Automatic cloud updates
keeps you up to date with
product releases

Dedicated support from a
UK company

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All buildings are unique. That is why we provide bespoke solutions are created around your needs.
Depending on the nature of your business and level of detail you require, just one of our sensors may be enough. We can even retrofit LeakNet onto existing water meters that you may already have! With fully customisable settings for each individual sensor, you can ensure you are getting the right level of protection.
Note that a WiFi connection is required for wireless communication, and a nearby plug socket is required for power.

1. Find the stopcock, where the water enters the area/property.

2. Optional: choose a valve and install it just past the stopcock.

3. Choose a water meter or water sensor and install it just past the stopcock.

4. Optional: install up to 3 more sensors on other branches.

5. Wire the sensors, valve, and power to the base.

6. Connect the base to your WiFi and enjoy using LeakNet in the cloud.

Technical specifications

  • LED indicators: 3 (WiFi status, valve open, valve closed)
  • Buttons: 2 (open valve, close valve)
  • Maximum number of sensors supported: 4
  • Dimensions: 14.5cm x 11.2cm x 4.7cm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Enclosure material: ABS
  • Fits pipe size: 15mm - 50mm
  • For pipe sizes between 15mm-30mm
    • Valve type: Solenoid
    • Power: 9V DC at 1A max
  • For pipe sizes between 30mm-50mm
    • Valve type: Motorised
    • Power: 24V DC at 1A max
  • Connectivity: WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • RRP for Leaknet base only (does not include sensor or valve): £299.99 + VAT