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Our Products / SiteNet for Construction

SiteNet for Construction

SiteNet is our ready-to-go, construction site ready leak detection solution; SiteNet is pre-wired, making installation fast and simple.

The SiteNet unit integrates LeakNet flow-based leak detection into a weatherproof enclosure

  • Shut off water supplies automatically outside working hours and at weekends
  • Alert appointed persons even when small leaks are detected
  • Monitor and learn normal water usage over time to allow water to be automatically shut-off when flow rates are outside of the normal usage parameters
  • Send remote and audible alarms – via text and email to any number of stakeholders
  • Keep protection during power outages with battery back-up
  • Include a manual isolation device on site.

110 V “Site-Ready” Power Supply

Keep protection during power outages with battery back-up

Pre-Cabled and Ready-to-Go

IP65 Housing

Audible alarms

3G/4G industrial-grade cellular gateway

Other Supported Features

IP66 Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure

Integration into Existing Building Management Systems

12v Battery – provides up to 36 hrs battery backup

Weight270g (with battery) 160g (without battery)
Power12V DC
Supported ValvesSolenoid, Motorised