Stay PROTECTED with the new

Stay PROTECTED with the new

The wireless sensor that detects leaks, drips, flooding and water ingress


If the Splash Sensor detects any water contact, the user is immediately notified through FlowReporter and can automatically shut the water off if required.

Now you can relax

For easy installation, bring 100s of Water Sensors to your FlowReporter dashboard quickly and easily by scanning a simple barcode. From there, alerts can be shared with other users and valves can be remotely attached to close on an alert.


Detects any water presence

Up to 15 years battery life

Small and robust design - fits anywhere

Excellent wireless range

Remote alerts to many users

Fits around pipes (with the Textile Strip)

Remotely shut the water off via FlowReporter


The Textile Strip can be used to increase the sensitivity area of the Splash Sensor, particularly when wrapped around waste pipes and soil stacks to cover the whole circumference.

It contains an adhesive for easy attachment to surfaces and allows the Splash Sensor to detect even small amounts of water anywhere along its length. The standard strip length is 30cm but when attaching to vertical pipes, any pipe diameter is supported.


Temperature Range

0 – 50 ˚C non condensing

IP Rating



72 x 32 x 7 mm

Detection Response Time

2 seconds

Wireless Communication

EU: 868 MHz SRD/ISM band

Radio Range

20m indoors,
100m outdoors

Lifetime (at 25˚C)

Depends on distance from gateway. Approx.
<10m indoors: 15 years
<20m indoors: 7 years



QUICK and EASY installation