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Leak Cable

If the Leak cable detects any water present, the user is immediately notified through FlowReporter and can automatically shut the water off if required.

Water leak detection over a length of high-sensitivity cable, made from durable and eco-friendly material.

Based on the detection principle of water conductivity, water leakage can be quickly detected once water appears anywhere along the sensing cable.

Comes in lengths of 5m, 25m or 100m and includes easy-to-install cable fixing clips


Flexible and Manageable

Detects any water presence

Remote alerts to multiple users

Directly connect to LeakNet

Upto length of 100m

Remotely shut the water off via FlowReporter

Ideal for large, high-risk areas

Wire Impedance20Ω/100m
Maximum temperature85℃
Length5m, 10m or 100m
Connectivity2 core cable