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Solutions / Water Leak Detection Systems for Apartment Blocks

Water Leak Detection Systems for Apartment Blocks

Protect your apartment development against costly and disruptive water damage.

Quensus offers flow monitoring, automatic shutoff and sensor-based solutions which are suitable for all areas and all phases of a in multi-resident apartment block of any size. We are highly experienced at working at all stages of a project; from early stage design and specification, through to large retrofit and refurbishment programs. From Temporary Supply, to Shell & Core (including risers and plant/boiler rooms), to Handover and beyond. If you are seeking a system which can do it all (and achieve BREEAM points too), look no further than Quensus.

Our intelligent, automatic systems quickly and effectively identify leaks and prevent water damages using automatic shutoff valves. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, giving complete peace of mind that properties are being protected at all times, regardless of whether it is occupied or unoccupied.

Leaks can come in many forms such as a burst pipe, faulty plumbing, blocked soil/drainage stacks, human error, and vandalism. Any leak can quickly become hugely problematic, disruptive and costly in high-rise multi-apartment buildings, and can be impossible to mitigate without automatic prevention.

When leaks are detected, a number of actions can be triggered, including the closure of an automatic shutoff valve, a signal to a central Building Management System (BMS), and email/SMS/app alert notifications to multiple users, residents, building managers and concierge.

Our water leak detection systems are approved and recommended by many of the world’s largest insurance companies and can help contractors, developers, property owners and estate managers meet escape of water requirements for insurance policies.

Our most suitable systems for this application are outlined below: