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Solutions / Smart Metering and Submetering

Smart Metering and Submetering

Where does your water go?

In many commercial buildings, there is rarely a person who takes responsibility for the water bills. Yet if left unchecked, and without an experienced eye, water bills can increase up to 80% higher than they need to be.

Smart submetering can pinpoint exactly where your water is going and break down the payback periods for fixing or upgrading your assets such as toilets, taps, or urinals.

Self-Supply and Automatic Meter Readings

Following the deregulation of the water market and all the apparent perks of better billing and service, there is now the possibility of purchasing your water supply straight from the wholesale market. This is known as “self-supply”. It may seem an attractive proposition to many businesses – not least because it costs a lot less than going through water retailers or other third parties.

Before making the jump though, you should install smart submetering. In the short term, it will highlight any inefficiencies you would not have spotted otherwise. In the long term, it pays off in dividends because of the ability to manage your own bills independently and self-regulate your own water supply whilst minimising any extra administrative work required.