In the UK we work our way through 2 billion litres of bottled water every year –  a great deal more than any of the usual soft drink suspects one might add.

For those contributing to the hydrolution, it’s good news from a health perspective; however tap water has been proven to do just as much in the way of bodily goodness and for a whole lot cheaper.

By way of price comparison, 2l of tap water comes to around a 1/3 of a penny against around £1 for the same amount in branded bottled water! That’s 300x difference!


World Class Water take a rain-bow!

Due to big investment by leading water companies and strict regulations, what emerges from our taps is some of the safest drinking water in the world.

Each year, the Drinking Water inspectorate puts providers in England and Wales through millions of tests to ensure our drinking water complies with rigorous standards.

And their report in July of this year found 99.96 per cent of 2016 samples passed all 39 microbiological and chemical tests!                                                                 

Wat-er great taste!

Know your tipple? Numerous studies say not even expert palates can differentiate between tap & bottled water.

In 2007, a panel of top wine professionals voted tap water from a kitchen in South Kensington 3rd in a blind tasting of 24 products, over all big brand names!

For those still confident it tastes funny, of course there are many ways to store & filter the stuff to ensure both your wallets and tastebuds are kept happy!

A tap with green heels on.

As well as it being kinder to your body, tap water is also the greener option – shipping heavy bottles around the globe just causes one great big carbon footprint! Ironically, it also takes 5 litres of water to produce a 1 litre plastic bottle, putting a strain on our already stretched water resources.

Finally, for the visually conscious amongst you, a choice for tap water would help reduce the millions of bottles sent to landfill every week in the UK. It would also prevent a major contribution to single-use plastics which line our oceans.

Plastic pollution in oceanLove life, love tap water.