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Welcome Break Service Station

Welcome Break Service Station

Welcome Break wanted to cut their bill and install better quality fittings, but they were not sure where to start.

Welcome Break needed water monitoring to find out where their water was going. They required real-time consumption data on each washroom and needed this data broken down for them in an easy to understand report which highlighted the return on investment for fixing and upgrading each asset.

1" flow sensor on pipe
1″ flow sensor on pipe
LeakNet installed in washroom void
LeakNet installed in washroom void

After installing our equipment, we were able to present where the leaking toilets, leaking urinals, inefficient/broken taps were and how much they could save in cold and hot water (and energy).

We gave a complete business case for fixing each issue so they could prioritise budget and make calculated decisions. Then we compared the actual performance against predicted to roll out to other sites. We gave a complete business case for fixing each issue, then reported the actual performance all within a couple of weeks.

For example, how much did the EcoFill toilets, or controlled urinals, or aerated taps save compared to standard?

Before and after urinal controls
Before and after urinal controls – showing significant savings
Proof of 4 urinal flushes per day – any future leaks are now detected immediately
Toilet usage before fixes was slowly increasing, then drastically decreases and continues to decrease over time
Leaks caught and reported to maintenance before significant loss


The monitoring solution facilitated the saving of water consumption and bills of over £65,000 in just 3 months.

This also resulted in a saving of 30 Tonnes CO2 per year, a considerable carbon footprint reduction.

Summary of savings (per annum)

Rolling this out across the whole portfolio of 28 sites in the UK would give estimated savings of £966,000 per year!

The monitoring solution provides multiple benefits such as improved efficiency in maintenance and cleaning, reduced water usage and costs, enhanced customer experience, and heatmap data which can be used to design better washrooms of the future.


Effective management and reduction starts with continuous monitoring. The data allows massive efficiency improvements to be made when you have the right partner.

Make the change now and start reaping the rewards like this service station did. Continuous monitoring, coupled with automated alerts, is by far the best way to increase efficiency and decrease bills.

Have you got an effective monitoring solution in place?