Take full control of your water using the internet.

Prevent Damage
From Leaks

Peace of mind that your
property and valuables are
safe from water damage with
automated leak detection.

Gain Valuable Insight
Into Your Water Usage

Understand when and where
water is used, diagnose
problems and make your
operations more efficient.

Save Money On
Your Bills

Automatic bill checking and
water shutoff means you get
no nasty surprises when the
water bill arrives and you
save on insurance premiums.

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We will show you how to:

  • Reduce your bills
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Prevent costly damages due to leaks

Access to real time data is essential to proactively manage the consumption of valuable resources. Water can cause extremely costly damages if leaks are not detected quickly. My Quensus system gives me the priceless information I need, when I need it, to enable me to minimise the risk of wasted resources and potential leaks. This peace of mind is extremely valuable to me.

Rob Jones. Business Owner.

Rob Jones

Easily see your consumption wherever, whenever

View monthly, daily, real-time, and high resolution consumption charts.

View your consumption in litres, pound sterling, or even bathtubs, to get a more familiar grasp of your water usage.

Fully customisable to your needs

As well as customisable thresholds which determine the maximum time and volume at which to expect water flow, Quensus can “learn” your routines.

This means that problems are caught faster when the building is unlikely to be occupied.

Analyse your usage

By separating events up in terms of time and volume of water, even greater insight can be achieved.

For example, estimate how often the dishwasher is used or how many times the toilet cistern flushes during a weekend and much water it uses.

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Fully configurable, ready for any environment.

Let us do it for you

On average, 50,000 claims on commercial insurance are made each year due to escape of water – that’s one every 10 minutes! Don’t leave your property at risk.

Using state-of-the-art smart metering technology, Quensus can manage your water supply remotely, without being on site, giving you the freedom to deal with more important things.

We have a proven track record of reducing water usage by up to 50% with a 6-12 month payback.

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Access customised reports for your property through the web interface - especially useful for splitting bills.

Proactive maintenance

No disruption or downtime because of leaks - protect the reputation of the business.

No more disputes

Keep your tenants happy by protecting their valuables from flooding and never worry about dealing with water damage ever again.

Improve efficiency

Optimize all aspects of the water distribution network - no nasty surprises when the water bill arrives.

Reduce insurance premiums

Less claims mean cheaper building insurance.

Save on bills

Using your data, we can help leverage water suppliers to make sure you get the very best deal.

Join us in providing a more sustainable future for our most precious resource.

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