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Intelligent Water Management


Prevent Damage

Peace of mind that your
property and valuables are
safe from water damage with
automated leak detection.

Gain Insight

Understand when and where
water is used, diagnose
problems and make your
operations more efficient.

Save Money

Automatic bill checking and
water shutoff means you get
no nasty surprises when the
water bill arrives and you
save on insurance premiums.

LeakNet Gen2

LeakNet Gen2 is our latest product in the award-winning LeakNet range.

Offering unparalleled protection against leaks in a seamless, all-in-one solution, our latest product packs a number of new features to provide extensive protection, no matter the environment.

Take Control with FlowReporter

Leak Detection and Prevention

Quensus offers businesses a customised, easy-to-use service for water management. Using the power of the internet, we provide invaluable water monitoring and leak detection without anyone onsite.

Case Studies

Football Stadium

The installation of Quensus’ LeakNet system saved this organisation £94,000 a year by identifying hidden leaks.

View Case Study

Secondary School

Discover how Quensus saved a secondary school £11,000 by identifying leaks within faulty cistern valves.

View Case Study

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“We recently installed the Quensus water flow system as part of our water management plan for the re-development of our 127 Charing Cross Road project…
– Sean Kelly, Site Manager at Galliford Try

The installation process was very easy with the install complete within an hour. As the main user of the flow reporter, I was given training on both laptop and mobile devices and shown how to download the App as well as register new users onto the system. To date, we’ve had no issues with the system and the site team shut the system down remotely via their phones on a daily basis. The site has seen a reduction in water usage on site already. 

The reports are easy to read, and the system also offers a ‘live report’ of the water usage on site. 

We’re the first site within our business unit to use the system and as a result, we’ve since rolled it out on another project and I’m sure, we’ll do so to many projects in the not-so-distant future. “

“Access to real time data is essential to proactively manage the consumption and waste of valuable resources…

Whilst water is not as expensive, it can cause extremely costly damage if leaks are not detected quickly.

My Quensus system therefore gives me the priceless information I need, when I need it, to enable me to minimise the risk of any leaks going undetected.

This peace of mind is extremely valuable to me.”

– Rob Jones, business owner
“£1,000s could have been washing down the drain without anyone realising…

LeakNet caught several incidents which would have gone unnoticed and has also helped correct our bill in the past, giving me peace of mind that my branch is as water efficient as possible.”

– Dan Offord, branch manager at Travis Perkins
“Re. Leak detection at Chalk Hill Academy, everything has worked as expected so far…

Yes I am happy to say, Rob came out the next day in support of us and the urgency of the situation and got us setup so we were able to hand the project over on time.”

– Sam Austin, project manager at West Coast MEP