The Avoidance of Water Damage on Construction Sites has never been more important.

According to Best Practice Guidance, a Water Management Plan for the temporary water supply and permanent works water systems should be made before works commence. The full specification can be found here, but briefly includes:

  • Management – nominate a Responsible Person to be overseen by the Principal Contractor.
  • Design Considerations – planned installation of automatic flow monitoring and automatic shutoff devices in the operational building to improve the availability of insurance.
  • Installation Standards – compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999, BS EN 806, BESA Good Practice Guides, CIBSE standards, and CIPHE plumbing engineering design guide.
  • Quality Management – Only qualified, competent plumbing engineers should be permitted to work on water distribution systems with at least a Level 3 NVQ, CSCS card, and affiliation to CIPHE (or similar).
  • Testing and Commissioning Standards
  • Emergency Response – detailing clear and simple procedures to isolate the water supply and remove the risk.
  • Mitigation – by installing Automatic Flow Monitoring with Smart Shut-off Valves such as LeakNet.
Motorised leak detection system

LeakNet - the most versatile leak detection solution

Rapid detection and quick isolation is essential to mitigate water damage.

Rapidly Detect Leaks

Complete water management with intelligence which immediately shuts the water off to prevent damages.

Any pipe size

Monitor and control water anywhere, temporary supplies, irrigation, booster pump sets... Isolate the supply outside working hours and weekends when the building is unattended, and remain fully operable after handover.

Autonomous operation

Learns normal water usage over time and shuts off the supply if flow becomes abnormal.

Grouping functionality

Split complex buildings by floor or zone to easily identify leaks and isolate individual or multiple areas at once.

Many to Many Alerts

Alerts from multiple systems can be sent to multiple appointed persons by email, SMS, as well as to a BMS.

And much, much more

Realtime monitoring to quickly find leaks, battery backup, WiFi/2G/4G/GSM/cellular connection, sprinkler override...

Water Management as a Service

We help you adhere to the CIREG best practice on managing escape of water risk.

Instead of simply providing hardware, we will work with the Responsible Person(s) and your insurance provider to ensure the appropriate system is specified, installed correctly, provide commissioning certificates, and give training to all nominated duty holders.

Installation CPD Training

On-site and/or remote training to contractors for the installation and operation.

Online Software

Easy to use dashboard to control multiple systems, Remote open/close valve, Automatic shutoff (even when offline), Learning Functionality, Drip alarms, Leak Alerts (SMS and email), Timed shut-off, Share access with unlimited users, Holiday Alarms, Full alert history and valve log, Grouping functionality, Real Time View...


Leak systems can be migrated between phases and to the final occupant/property manager/concierge for which we provide further CPD training and bespoke Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


Each multi residential/commercial project is managed by a dedicated engineer providing technical support and commissioning with commissioning certificates available at no extra cost.

Typical Project

  • 2 x temporary supplies @ 1″ pipe size
  • LeakNet smart shut-off valve installed on both pipes
  • Second phase introduces a 2″ boosted permanent supply
  • LeakNet installed on permanent supply before and after boosted set, plus wireless splash sensors placed in plant room and riser
  • Commissioning, training, software, alerts, support and handover provided throughout project for only £450 per month
  • Leaks caught fast, damages mitigated, happy client