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FlowReporter App

A snapshot of water and leaks for all locations in one place

Group all stores/restaurants nationwide – great for energy managers.

Group all buildings on a school campus – ideal for building management.

Group all floors or apartments – perfect for developers and concierges.

You can only manage what you monitor

With FlowReporter, monitoring feeds management. Easily see your consumption wherever, whenever. View monthly, daily and second-by-second high-resolution consumption charts.

View your consumption in in different metrics to get a more familiar grasp of your water usage.

Export data to spreadsheets or external web services using our APIs.

Fully customisable to your needs

As well as customisable thresholds which set the maximum time and volume at which to expect water flow, FlowReporter can learn your routines.

This means that problems are caught much faster when the building is unlikely to be occupied.

Holiday alarms allow setting one-off events in advance so problems are spotted even quicker.

Real Time View

Find and fix problems, quickly

Quickly narrow down the source of the problem by seeing your building’s water consumption in real time. See what is happening on your phone, right now.

When located, remotely switch the water off, fix the problem, and turn the water back on without leaving the spot.

Making finding and fixing leaks safer, easier and more efficient.

Intuitive, Insightful, Immediate payback

How much would you save…?

By separating water consumption events in terms of time and volume, and displaying them on intuitive charts, greater insight can be achieved.

For example, understand how much a toilet or urinal cistern flushes during a weekend and the return on investment if upgrading to waterless.



Automatic shut-off using maximum time, volume, flowrate, leak cable and temperature (freezing)

Scheduled shut-off and open at different times of the day

Holiday mode

Valve Bypass for fire sprinkler override functionality

BMS output (alert and/or valve status)

Compatible with solenoid and motorised valves up to 8″

Audible alarm

Flowrate indicator


All features of offline mode

Remote open/close valve

Leak Alerts (via app notification)

2 stages of alerts (alert and alert + shutoff) allowing you to ignore the event

Remote programming of device (manual settings)

FlowReporter Premium

All features of offline mode

Remote open/close valve

Leak Alerts (via app notification)

SMS and email alerts

2 stages of alerts

Remote programming (manual and automatic)

Learning Functionality

Full Consumption History

Integration with wireless splash sensors


Comparison Tools

Real-Time View

Shared access with unlimited users

Priority customer service

Over-The-Air updates


All the features of FlowReporter Premium

4G cellular data per unit

Construction & Enterprise

Dedicated account manager

Bespoke Water Management Plan

Installer CPD Training

User CPD Training

Custom features