Help with specifications

Help with specifications Specification For Consultants View…

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Construction site

Construction site leak detection

Leak Detection on Construction Sites & CIREGThe Avoidance of Water Damage on Construction Sites has never been more important.…

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Commercial leak detection

Commercial leak detectionIntelligent flow based leak detectionOur leak detection systems primarily use the measurement of flow to work out…

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SubmeteringWhere does your water go?In many commercial buildings, there is rarely a person who takes responsibility for the water bills.…

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Smart buildings

Smart buildings Prioritize Maintenance Work In many commercial buildings, legacy equipment is running with only periodic checks and…

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Legionella L8 Compliance

Legionella L8 ComplianceLots of people know about waterborne Legionella and how dangerous it can be, but few realise how prevalent it…

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