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BREEAM Leak Detection

Our Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) leak detection systems are capable of detecting major water leaks on the water supply between and within a building and the site boundary

In the BREEAM spec, you can gain up to 3 credits with our standard equipment, and up to 6 more by using FlowReporter and our Water Management as a Service approach..

Commercial buildings will have a fairly consistent consumption profile which can be learnt and compared against. Any consumption which exceeds what has been seen before will be flagged. Consumption that critically exceeds the thresholds will trigger the valve, shutting the water off to prevent costly water damage to your building and contents.

Our leak detection systems use the measurement of flow to work out whether a leak is detected. This measurement can happen at the main supply where the water enters the building.

What this means is that you do not have to think about all the possible places a leak could occur as the system will cover the entire building.

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. BREEAM is a global, leading sustainability assessment method that is used to set standards for the environmental performance of buildings throughout the design, specification, construction and operation phases. The assessment can be applied to new developments or refurbishment schemes.

BREEAM evaluates buildings against a range of performance benchmark targets in a variety of categories:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Land use and ecology
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Pollution
  • Transport
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Management

Why is BREEAM water leak detection important?

BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers and designers to prove the environmental credentials of their buildings to planners and clients.

  • Market recognition for low environmental impact buildings
  • Assurance that best environmental practice is incorporated into a building
  • Inspiration to find innovative solutions that minimise the environmental impact
  • A benchmark that is higher than regulation
  • A tool to help reduce running costs, improve working and living environments
  • A standard that demonstrates progress towards corporate and organisational environmental objectives

What BREEAM credits apply to water?

  1. BREEAM WAT 01 – Water Consumption
    • Up to 5 credits for reducing water consumption per person per day for the assessed building compared against a baseline performance. For example, use water saving WCs, tap aerators, low flow showers, waterless urinals, and greywater/rainwater for recycling non-potable water.
  2. BREEAM WAT02 – Water Monitoring
    • 1 credit for installing an internal meter on the water supply to monitor the impacts of inefficiencies and leakage and encourage more effective water management. Click here to learn more about LeakNet.
  3. BREEAM WAT 03 – Water Leak Detection
  4. BREEAM WAT 04 – Water Efficient Equipment
    • 1 credit for reducing unregulated water consumption by specifying water-efficient equipment. For example, remove the need for irrigation by selecting plants that thrive without it, or incorporate soil moisture sensors so that water is only used when necessary.