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Solutions / Escape of Water Mitigation for Insurance

Escape of Water Mitigation for Insurance

If you’re considering recommending our products, you have made a great choice. However, having a great product is nothing without it being installed and used correctly. At Quensus, we don’t just sell a product and walk away. Our goal is always to reduce claims on Escape of Water no matter what.


Our technical team will work with specifiers to ensure the best leak detection is used within budget for the phase of works being insured, and satisfies the acceptable level of risk required to reduce premiums and/or deductibles. Click here for an example spec.

In addition to advising clients on the best water leak detection system for their requirements, our technical team can also prepare or annotate schematics to demonstrate recommendations. This includes overlaying existing design drawings with the proposed valves, sensors, control panels, and any networking requirements.

Water Management Plan

We help contractors with their obligations to produce a Water Management Plan as recommended by CIREG and their insurance during construction. Click here for more information.


We have an installer network which covers the majority of the UK. For everything else, we offer CPD training for plumbers, electricians and specialist installers. Because we develop the solutions, we have made the installation as easy and trouble-free as possible.


Our highly experienced team of engineers can be contracted to commission leak detection systems efficiently and professionally, in any environment, to a customer’s design requirements. The extensive knowledge our engineers have gathered from completing many installations at large development projects also means we understand the importance of working in coordination with other contractors, as well as communicating effectively with estates teams.

The benefit of having Quensus do the commissioning is you have the best people for the job, and we provide commissioning certificates to give as evidence of a correctly installed system.


Unfortunately, we haven’t designed a system which can fix the leaks (yet!) so there will always be a need for someone to investigate the leak alerts. The responsible person(s) will be required to understand what the alert is telling them and follow our Standard Operating Procedure on what to do next. This is imperative because having the water shut off is great to prevent leaks but may cause inconvenience and delay construction works.


We offer ongoing maintenance contracts for all equipment and software that we supply. Engineer maintenance visits ensure that systems are operating correctly, staff are trained appropriately, and all associated devices are in good working order.