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Specification For Consultants

Specification For Consultants


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1. Introduction
2. Leak Detection / Shut-off Device Requirements
3. Proposed System
4. Proposed System Provider

1. Introduction

This design note has been produced to detail the leak detection & shut off system, required to comply with the insurance requirements, for <development> and best practice guidance given in “Managing Escape of Water Risk on Construction Sites”, as published by the construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG).

This information will support the contractor in providing budget costs for the work associated with meeting this requirement.

2. Leak Detection / Shut-off Device Requirements

It is a requirement of <Insurance Company> that confirmation is provided that automatic shut-off devices with active flow monitoring will be installed on any:

1. <mains incoming pipework, permanent and/or temporary>
2. <MCWS / BCWS riser>
3. <MCWS / BCWS branches to each Floor>
4. <Apartments>

3. Proposed System

The contractor is to include an internet-enabled leak detection system that alerts the user via SMS and/or email on the detection of a leak.

<The system is to be supplied with an internal rechargeable battery that provides up to 36 hours of operation in the event of the mains power failure.>

<The system is to be supplied with a BMS connection to signal on alert and/or valve shutoff.>

<The system is to be supplied with a sprinkler override facility which uses a signal to force the valve open in the event of a fire.>

Main Features:

1. Managed using app. on smartphone, tablet or computer.
2. Accessible to any number of stakeholders.
3. To include Artificial Intelligence allowing water consumption to be automatically tracked and the pattern of normal water usage to be learned.
4. SMS and/or email alerts to be sent if unusual water usage is detected and the ability to turn the water off either remotely (via App.) or automatically.
5. Option for timed shutoff to automatically turn the water off out of hours (during construction phase ref. CIREG).
6. To be powered through mains plug/adaptor.
7. <To include for battery backup.>
8. <To include the capability to connect to a central BMS.>
9. <To include a Fire Sprinkler system to prevent water shutoff during the event of a fire).>
10. To include automatic solenoid valve testing, were fitted (daily).

The system shall include automatic flow monitoring and shutoff leak detection systems on;

1. <MCWS supplies to each plant room.>
2. <BCWS from plant rooms to each riser.>
3. <BCWS branches on each floor.>
4. <BCWS to each apartment.>

The installed system shall also include a Wi-Fi / GSM network throughout unless on-site Wi-Fi is available that can be networked too.
The installed system shall be commissioned by the specialist contractor with alerts configured on installation and one month after. Commissioning Certificates and Standard Operating Procedures are to be supplied and handover training provided.

4. Proposed System Provider

The system shall be provided and commissioned by:
Quensus Intelligent Water Management

Contact: Rob O’Connor

T: +44 (0)115 906 1297
A: Quensus, Nottingham, NG8 6PE, UK