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High Rise Residential Developer

High Rise Residential Developer

After a crippling first year of £millions of claims, the developer’s insurer was forced to substantially increased deductibles for all future projects.

We were able to retrofit a complete leak prevention system in two high rise residential blocks for half the cost of one claim. Most apartments were supplied by 28mm copper, with a 54mm tee off the riser on each floor. We installed a 1” flow sensor + motorised valve for each apartment and a 2” meter near the riser for each floor to catch leaks on the landlord side, plus self-contained Wifi network installed throughout powered from a GSM cellular gateway & switch on the top floor.

We then trained the concierge team on how to use the system, providing them with Standard Operating Procedures, making it as easy as possible to manage the system from their desk and phone.


Since installation, 3 years on, the insurer has confirmed there have been no claims exceeding £10k. Result!


Able to retrofit a complete system in two high rise blocks for half the cost of one claim.


By installing the complete water management system, we’ve made it easy for concierge to get notified about potential leaks and they are able to control the water to each apartment remotely.

This approach shows a commitment to proactive maintenance and risk management, which can save significant costs in the long run. And we continue to develop innovative solutions to improve our systems and reduce risks.

Have you got an effective monitoring solution in place?